Patiala Babes Written Episode Update 18th March 2020

Patiala Babes Written Episode The Patiala Babes Written Update The incident started with the return of Patiala from Mani and Nile Delhi, and recent events have left worrying and broken. Many people in the vehicle tried to stop but did not approve. At one point Nell stopped the car and came out and started crying. Minnie tries to control her tears too much, but she is unable to do so.

Inside the Patiala House, Arya Preeti and Nanbi are playing games with each other and they are worried for Gemini and Neil. After a certain time when the two of them return home, Arya tells Mani that she has been waiting for him for a long time and she disappears in a way that does not happen. She asks Neil what have you brought for me this time from Delhi? Mani told Arya that he was in Delhi for an important task and that whenever he went to the city, did he really need to bring anything? She handles the situation at home by saying that Nell should be tired after a long journey so please let her in and relax. Patiala Babes Written Episode

Preeti is thinking that something is wrong and she asked both of them about it, but Manny ignored the question and went upstairs while Neil remained silent. The phantom follows the meaning and he is shocked when he learns the whole story. She says that I can’t believe Mel is married and has a baby. Mani says I found it very neglected, unwanted and unnecessary in my home. As if I didn’t know this mail at all, it was a nail that was completely different from what I saw in the house. I can smell the scent of this Delhi house. Patiala babes writing update

Patiala Babes Written Episode “I’m feeling very humiliated and hurt today, and I don’t know what caused it,” said Manny. Preeti says Nile cheated on you and I will never forgive her. Mani says it never happened because he never promised me anything and fat instead of approaching me, and this is a sign that he had a past, but he was in me. Was. Look at all the things that have never paid off. I know it took a lot to tell me the direction of my story, but maybe I wasn’t strong enough to face the fact that I never really wanted to know it.

Mani told Preeti that she never told me that I love you, nor did she get any clue from her. It may be the friendship between us that I have taken in a different way. She says there is nothing between us and it was one-sided and it was just my illusion. Patiala Babes Written Episode

Patiala Babes Written Episode PetCap: Nabeel tells Manny to get out of her life without revealing her true feelings. “I will give up the babies of Patiala in a month,” Neil told Money.

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