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RadhaKrishn 25th August 2021 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update RadhaKrishn 25th August 2021 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On Multidesiupdates.com

Episode Start: Ganesh remembers Devi Parvati’s warning to Radha to return Ganesh by sunrise tomorrow or else she will destroy everything and Mohasur saying Radha has only time till tomorrow morning to shower her motherhood on Ganesh and then will never get a chance again in life. He thinks he needs to discuss about it to Krishna mamasri and tries to leave. Radha wakes up, and Ganesh acts as asleep. Balram tells Krishna that he needs to solve Mohasur’s problem. Krishna says he is sure Ganesh will solve this problem. Ganesh diverts Radha’s attention and rushing to Krishna seeks his help as he is in a dilemma. Krishna jokes that he thought he is in Kailash. Ganesh says a war waged out between his 2 mothers and each one wants him to be with them. Ganesh says he cannot hurt both. Krishna says due to maa Parvati’s moh/infatuation, Mohasur was born and with Radha’s infatuation, Mohasur’s powers increased, so he feels Ganesh should end Mohasur. Ganesh says he cannot fight a big monster. Krishna reminds him of his superpowers. Ganesh says those are cooked up stories and requests to help him. Krishna says only he can defeat Mohasur and walks away followed by Balram.

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Online RadhaKrishn Written All Episodes Updates

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