Rashami Desai explains if she believes in love

Rashmi Desai has come a long way professionally, but when it comes to her love life, she is unfortunate. The actress has been through a couple of failed relationships in the past; Although her Bigg Boss 13 co-contestant Arhan Khan came as a silver lining, Niyati also had some other plans for the actress and she soon attended the show. Well, things have reached a point where Rashmi says that she is done with love.

Asked if she still believes in love, especially after her bitter past experiences, Rashmi said, ‘I am done with the kind of love you are talking about. I gave it to someone I really loved and admired and I have respect for that feeling. Now, I am a sensible woman who understands the conditions around me. There may be fewer people around me, but they are my people. At first, I would be afraid that they might leave me, but later I realized that I did not need to be. Instead of waiting for true love, I feel that I should be with people who respect me. ‘

Furthermore, Desai opened up to admit his mistakes and move on. You have to go with the flow, if it is to happen. I am not saying anything because life goes on. You make mistakes and learn. It is perfectly okay to make mistakes, just accept your faults. The more you go into denial, the more you become negative and I don’t believe it, ‘said Rashmi

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