Reassessing Beyhadh 2; Will Not Air On Digital Media Too

Reassessing Beyhadh 2 drama It is rare to show that it has been made as Beyhadh. The show is a thrilling beauty and the audience sits on the edge of their seat while cutting their nails for the suspense that captures the story very well. Now that we’ve heard that the show is being taken off the air, fans are already upset.

Earlier, there were reports that the show would continue on digital media as the numbers were silent. But the reports have been falsified. Now the news is that the show will be completely off the air and will not be run by any means.

Some portals even reported that Jennifer Winget was leaving the show because she was upset about not doing well on screen. The show began airing on December 2, 2019, and not even three months ago when the makers decided to pull the plug.

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Reassessing Beyhadh 2 drama

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