Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 10th July 2021 Episode Written: Gehna Gets Sagar Arrested

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 10th July 2021 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 10th July 2021 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On

Gehna asked Bhavani to control her anger and said that she would show proof. Krishna shows the marriage certificate of Suman  and Sagar. Sagar continues to act as a child and says that he wants to marry Tia. Dashrath says it is a fake marriage certificate. Shows intimate picture of Tia Sagar and Suman. Anyone can edit these fake photos. Bhavani says that Suman  Sagar had a past and he has completely changed and now he wants Tia, so he should marry Tia. Baa asks what it means. Bhavani says that no one has seen the marriage of Suman and Sagar. Anant says Velji saw him and should have called him here. Hema begged Gehna to let Sagar marry Tia because she had told him that Sagar’s heart was clean now. Gia says he was before but now as soon as he has received his memoir. Sagar continues his acting. Krishna says he heard that if he hit the man again on the spot where he was injured, he would remember. He tied the stick and told Anant that they would all hit Sagar’s head one by one until he returned his memory. Continuing his acting, Sagar runs to the roof and asks Anant not to kill him. Anant says he will just hit her on the head. Sagar slips and falls, hangs up holding the railing, and begs to be saved. The whole family gathers.

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