Sasural Simar ka 2: Yamini Devi to waste Simar’s time deliberately?

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We saw in the previous episode that Sandhya and Chitra are preparing Madak for Maha pooja. Reema was worried as she didn’t have any plan. Yamini Devi asked Simar to take four oaths before she began to sing. She first asked her to do anything about music. Secondly, at any cost she requested rehearsal. Thirdly she asked her to keep its dignity. And lastly she asked her to give her Gurudakshina, whatever she would ask. Simar agreed without knowing the intension of Yamini Devi. Yamini Devi deliberately makes her pooja late. She tested her for lessons in music. She even asked her to play Sitar and to sing her a song. Simar demonstrated to Yamini Devi herself, then she tied her hand to a Gandha, and accepted her to be a student, calling her chote ma. Reema is spoiling Modak to throw her out of this house, but Vivaan came and took her to him. Geetanjali Devi yelled quickly at Chitra and Sandhya. Geetanjali Devi has gone to the Aarav search. Aarav and Simar arrived home and Simar asked him to secretly enter the house with a rope through the balcony. Chitra planned a conspiracy with Reema. She then shattered all Modak and told everyone that Reema lost its ring in Modak flour. Geetanjali Devi heard their talk and yelled at Reema. She then ordered everyone in the pandal and asked the helpers to prepare Modak. Geetanjali Devi went to Aarav to call

In the upcoming episode we will see that Simar will prepare Modak with the help of helpers for the pooja. Maha pooja begins Geetanjali Devi. Geetanjali Devi screams at Simar and calls her and tells her not to disobey her and breach her rules all the time.

Is Geetanjali Devi going to find Aarav?
Can Simar prepare the Modak?
After knowing about Simar, what will Geetanjali Devi do?
Stay tuned to learn more about your favourite Sasural Simar ka2 show in this area.

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