Special Attention to the brakes due to the Covid-19 situation

Special Attention to the brakes due to the Covid-19 situation

Special attention Multidesiupdates has been posting updates of almost all the shows appearing on Hindi television for years without any delay or issues. A major global issue is affecting the daily lives of all. This is the first time that something unexpected such as corona virus has started disrupting people’s work. The virus affects not only a person’s health, but also his family, earnings and work commitments. The best way to combat it is to reduce its spread. Even the TV industry is struggling to cope with the COVID-19 situation. Many shows have stopped shooting on their sets from 19 March 2020 to help the government deal with the outbreak of the virus.

As our loyal readers, we would like you to understand our difficult circumstances as well. Please be patient for a while and pray that the virus outbreak is under control. Self-care and social distance can help a lot. Stay connected with us promising to distribute the content available by the show makers. Multidesiupdates will post updates of the ongoing show until the issue is resolved. Many shows on entertainment channels such as Star Plus, Sony, Colors and Zee do not have new episodes. After March 31, a general broadcast of the show may be possible. Before we wish to resume our work, we want the global problem to end. Is the same for the betterment of everyone. We will still reach you through the available update-posts.Special attention

Special Attention Covid-19

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