The Mysterious Forest and Revengeful Ghost (Episode 18) Final Episode

The final episode of my fan-fiction on multidesiupdates is here. The episode starts now,

Shreya is high in anger and is holding William’s neck tight. Ashutosh tries to push her but Shreya catches her. Bella and Vrinda help Shreya and fight the goons. Shivanya looks at Visakha. Visakha made some gestures to Shivanya. She could not understand what Visakha was signing. Shivanya goes to him without any notice. Visakha says, “Take a vine leaf on this ghost controller.” Shivanya asks, “Where are the vine leaves?” Visakha states that the location of the vine leaf.
Shivanya: Bela, I am leaving here to pick up Bael Pater.
Bella: Yes, fine. come fast. We cannot fight hooligans for long.

To take Shivanya leaves. Shivanya saw a Ganesh temple there. She enters inside. The temple becomes invisible. Shivanya describes the mantra. The temple becomes visible. The idol of Ganesha is covered with vine leaves. Shivanya takes some leaves and leaves the temple. The temple becomes invisible.

Shivanya arrives at the scene. Shreya and Bella are tied up by goons. Brinda is missing. Visakha signals Shivanya to be the ghost controller and take her to the temple. Shivanya confronts the goons.

Ashutosh: We are not organizing any dance competition. Guys, catch that girl.
Shivanya: Sri, I am the soul of Vikrant. I am in the body of Shivanya I will kill you and my wife Vishaka to kill.

The ghost controller signals William that he treats her. The ghost controller runs behind Shivanya with the arrested Vishn. Shivanya reaches the magical temple. The ghost controller enters the temple. He uses his magic on Shivanya but that doesn’t work. Shivanya smiles.

Shivanya: Vrinda, are you ready?

Brinda, Shreya and Bella come there.

Bhoot Phantom: How did you break free from my mantra?
Brinda: Its magic blue pearl, Mr.GEORGE.
After Shivanya leaves Visakha signals Bella and Vrinda. Visakha signs a rock. Bella says, “Vrinda, I will help Shreya. You will go to the rock.” Vrinda nods her head. Brinda goes to the rock. She tries to move him. She recites a mantra. The rock becomes a small box. She uses her hairpin and opens it. He finds the blue pearl for which Bella was tortured. Brinda takes blue pearls. Visakha signaled him to go to the Ganesh temple. Meanwhile, Bella and Shreya are arrested by George’s mantra. With the help of Brinda’s magical batting, Shreya and Bella liberate themselves and knock the goons out of the spray.]

George: Yes, I am the same George who killed Ashokavalli, Visakha and Vikrant. I am still alive even at this age 98. I have learned magic to control ghosts but now it is only useful. Due to magic, I appear too young, so I have enough energy to kill you.

Shivanya threw vine leaves at him. George has skin rashes. He is allergic to vine leaves. During this time, Visakha freed herself.
George opens his mouth to recite the mantra. Visakha makes him dumb by his powers. George gets angry. Shreya slaps him fiercely.

Bella: You are a woman. You are not worth living. You killed Ashokavalli mercilessly just for money. You killed the king and queen which is the biggest sin you have committed. You will pay for it

George looks at her angrily.

Vrinda: Visakha, its time for revenge.

Visakha: I did not expect that you are still alive. You are the only reason for your spoiled grandson William.
Never mind, God has given you a chance to get revenge.

George confronts them. Visakha grabs her neck and catches her in the air and she throws her on the wall. George collides and gets hurt on his head. George captures Shreya and blackmails Vish to kill him. Shivanya puts some more leaves on it. He leaves Shreya. He falls down. All the girls put vine leaves on it and her skin turns blue. Visakha takes the trident and kicks her. George is dead. Visakha burnt his body to ashes and blew them up.

Visakha weeps on her knees.

Bella: Visakha, don’t cry. You did the right thing. You have done justice to our grandmother. we would be grateful.

The girls hug Visakha. Runs from the temple and reaches the treasure box.

Visakha: Brinda, keep the blue pearl in the hole. Box will open
Bella: Is that the same pearl stuck in our car?
Visakha: Yes, I had this pearl. By time, I lost it in my forest. Your car got stuck in a tire as it passed.
Brinda: This pearl made Bella and us crazy too.

Brinda puts the pearl in the hole and the treasure box opens.

Visakha: The treasure is now for the government. Give them please It is time for me to leave the world.

Bella: Visakha, please don’t leave us. You have a heart of gold. (Cries)
Visakha: Bela, my soul gets justice. I want to leave the world.
Vrinda: Wish, please.

The girls hug Visakha and cry.
Visakha: Girls, be courageous. Never give up always be positive Bye girls. I’m going away forever. May god bless you

Visakha disappears. Shivanya hugs Bella and cries. Vrinda and Shreya support him and cry.

after 2 hours,
The policemen arrest William and all his goons for torturing the people of the village. Girls provide treasure to the government. The media interviews the girls about how they found the treasure. Manya hugged the girls and said, “Don’t go anywhere from now on. I’m proud of you, my girls. Your parents are proud of you.”

To attract media attention, the girls are so happy that Ashokavalli aka Manyata got justice.

Thank you Jasminerhul and other silent readers for writing to me to support me. I will be grateful to you

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