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Twinj : It’s Always Been You: Episode 19 on multidesidrama

A quick recap: Twinkle survives a hair-width from a high-speed car, Kunj brings him home and tells everyone about the circumstances. They all have their views about the issue, and despite Kunj’s repeated apologies, Usha does not go inside. Lila finally asks him to take some time out and thinks well before making any decision.

“Aparna, listen ..” Twinkle’s sentence remained unfinished when she entered Aparna’s room for help, but Aparna was looking at herself unhappily and as if she might need help herself. “Are you fine?” Twinkle asked, sitting next to him on the bed, worried about what should have upset Aparna, the happy goer. “Yes, I’m fine! What could happen to me?” Aparna immediately responded, trying her best to sound cheerful as ever. “I know that you were the one who always gave me my time of crisis.” Handled, but that doesn’t mean you always have to be healthy! “Twinkle spoke softly, looking at him intently.” Aparna, I’m so sorry, I don’t say anything. I didn’t know! “Leela spoke as she ran into the room, looking at them with guilt.” What is it about now? “Twinkle asked Aparna, who replied,” It’s nothing. “Leela She told Twinkle how she hurt Anapna and made fun of her, as she sat on the other side of Aparna and patted her head gently, apologizing. “I lost them in an accident, Auntie. When I saw them in my When told about the conference, the whole family was very excited. Unfortunately, they never made it. “Aparna explained, leaning her head on Leela’s shoulder and closing her eyes. However, she was deeply saddened by what Leela had heard. Thea, but she felt her admiration increase as she saw how quickly Aparna recovered. “I realized that after a while, I felt terrible when I was still ahead of me, And I couldn’t spend all this on a heart-breaking incident that only happens in the past. “Aparna said, looking at Twinkle at the corner of her eye, hoping Is that his statement will get its identity. It seemed successful, Twinkle smiled for the first time, nodding sensibly.

Twinkle was seated herself in the moonlight garden that night, trying to forget her pain so that her family would not suffer the least due to her. It had been a week since he took his heart out of the garden, and had not heard of it since. She knew that she was severely hurt by this and decided to give her some time, as she could not recover even after being away for three years, but her silence was killing her. She wanted him to be around her like she always did, trying to make him laugh when she was either too angry or too tired or just spent time with him in silence, anything; He thought that maybe now everything has become so complicated that it was impossible. “All OK Twinkle?” RT’s voice dissolved his sleep, and he nodded and shook slightly, making room for him on the mat that he had spread for his stargazing session. “Papa, do you think I should have just hidden the truth from everyone?” He asked that once he sat comfortably. He smiled, looking at her and replied, “Your mother and I have always been amazed at how amazing your decision-making ability was. And it’s not even that you’re our daughter. It’s because you’re a very settled person.” Yes, if you are determined to do something, you have thought about all the possibilities. “She refuses, saying she is going to bring it and quickly added,” I know you’re done on the garden. Be upset about the impact. I will still say that I trust your decision to tell him. It was also his child, though he only came to know of her existence and the recent accident. Twinkle felt him smiling, a burden lifted from his heart.

“Should Kunj and I come back together?” Should I listen to my heart that yearns for it or the maternal instinct that gives me a stern warning against it? Twinkle asked after a long silence, RT looking at her, wondering what path her thoughts led her to. He spoke deeply as he thought about the answer. He wanted to dodge the question, but he knew that Twinkle was probably tired of feeling that, and that he needed some guidance, not that he was being accused of a verdict. “I gathered that maybe everyone is either asking you to forget everything and move on, or forget the pain and keep peace with the bower.” Somehow, it demands that you forget things. But it can not be overlooked. It is as much a part of your life as everything else, and always will be. So you need to accept that it happened entirely, you or Kunj probably had no control for that matter the way one thing leads to another. Both of you have made your fair share of mistakes, and need to forgive each other, not forgetting. I think you should help comfortably in making your final decision; it is always going to be your Twinkle. No one else can design your life the way they want. It should be you. “RT explained, Twinkle finally sees the part of the truth that she was replacing him with everyone. She certainly cannot forget it as if it never happened. It was like a deep scar, leaving an apparent injury. He needed to learn to wear it like an ornament.

“twinkle!” Usha called when she saw Twinkle at the gurdwara one morning. “Aunt, how are you?” Twinkle greeted with a smile and as she had grown accustomed to doing for years. Usha hesitantly looked towards him and nodded. Upon Twinkle’s repeated insistence, she finally reveals her thoughts, “I don’t understand, how good can you be to me after what Kunj did?” His voice is low and clear of his guilt which had given rise to many negative feelings. “I think you’re pretty harsh on her, Mousie. It’s not like everything is her fault!” Twinkle replied, nodding her head, disappointed as they slowly moved toward the exit. “How’s the bower?” Twinkle finally asked, wanting to ask that question forever, but not sure whom. Usha’s silence was not OK with her “Auntie; please tell me that you haven’t tried to punish her by herself!” Twinkle pleaded, hoping she didn’t wait too long to ask about him. “I told him not to appear before me,” Usha replied, wondering if she had done anything wrong. “I can’t believe you did that! You know that she needs someone to be by her side, Auntie! You pushed her instead of letting her cry over your shoulder?” Twinkle spoke impatiently. Ki, which surprised Usha. “But, Twinkle ..” Usha began, but was already subdued with a cold treat! You will go home and help to deal with your guilt and grief immediately! “Usha knew that this is an order, Twinkle was always particularly sensitive to Kunj. Usha smiled to herself and nodded to Twinkle, glad that things were actually going to get better, or so she hoped. “Also, can you ask him once he comes to meet me and feels better?” Twinkle rightly pleaded when Usha turned to leave, and hurried away, not wanting to wait for a response; She knew that Kunj would soon be at her door.

“Oye! Where were you all this?” Twinkle asked Yuvi, patting her impatiently on the shoulder when he saw her at her house the next morning. “Oh, my God.” Can you calm down “She replied teasingly, too curious that she had come out of her room and talked to the people, the last time she saw him, she looked so sad that she was worried that if she came back If she goes, she will kill Pull? , And so he was driven away for a week. “No. Answer my question!” She demanded, slowly breaking into a smile when she saw how happy she looked looking. After what seems like an eternity, he, Chinky and Yuvi finally sit around the dining table and gossip and laugh for hours. “Do you always have to pretend to be this lioness that you think you are?” After an hour of small talk, Yuvi asked. “I’m a lioness; I don’t show off!” Twinkle simply replied, and Chinky surprised her, to Yuvi. “Whatever! Couldn’t you call Chinky or me even once? Do you think we, everyone, won’t understand?” He asked, but Twinkle didn’t feel any kind of persuasion. “Are you still removing all your feelings? This can’t be a good thing, Twinkle! If you do this, then you will have to undergo treatment for the stupid Aparna again! “He finally started his voice with clear logic, concern.” First of all, Aparna is not stupid. Secondly, I’ve gotten better lately, idiot! Twinkle answered when the doorbell rang, kissing her over her head.

Twinj : It’s Always Been You: Episode 19 on multidesidrama

“Bower?” Twinkle managed to speak, finally seeing her, her heart leapt as if she had seen him for the last time. His heart hurt how badly he tried to fake the smile, looking more upset than before. He watched his eyes well as he looked at her intently, his mind still arguing over whether he really should have gone there at Usha’s insistence. “Aren’t you calling her in?” Yuvi’s voice broke her thoughts, and she let Yuvi go inside smiling, who convinced Kunj to give her a warm hug. “you wanted to see me?” Kunj asks Twinkle who she is standing in front of and looking at her, her eyes reflecting her better state of mind, making her smile. Just looking at him, he started feeling good too. “Things that were unsold last time didn’t happen there?” He replied, excusing them both so that they could talk in private.

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