Twinj : My Lifeline : Episode 25

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Hello to everyone! Ananya here Thank you so much for all your love and affection for my stories, especially this one, which I know has grown close to a lot of your hearts, and I am very grateful to him. happy reading!

Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 25

A quick recap: Twinkle tells Kunj about her father and the things she was fond of when Kunj manages to comfort her. They go the next day to the places where Twinkle had made a list, with Kunj slowly letting his blockages go. They gift each other what they bought.

“This trip is definitely going to be one of the most memorable people I’ve ever been to! Thanks, Twinkle! “Kunz spoke dramatically through Amritsar airport as she and Twinkle just landed. “You are welcome!” When he put a tap on her shoulder, she responded with a small bow while bending her. “Hi Yuvraj!” Kunj greeted him as sweetly as he could, though he was annoyed at the encounter with him for some reason, which he himself was surprised about. “Yuvi!” Twinkle greeted excitedly, and he waved at them both. “We just returned from Udaipur.” Twinkle informs Yuvi and he replies, “I know. Chinky told me that you are going there. At that time, Kunj begged, “Don’t you know that we are going on our honeymoon?” Both Twinkle and Yuvi look at him in shock, which makes him realize that he might not have said that. “Isn’t that what he wrote to you?” He asked Twinkle, trying to reduce the tension in the air. When he made no response, he turned to Yuvi and smiled awkwardly, hoping he could run away instead. His wish was immediately granted, as he received a message asking him to come to the studio for a recording. He showed it to Twinkle, who said, “You should go then.” I’ll just take a taxi and get home. “Kunj must have agreed that it was not for Yuvi, who quipped,” I’ll leave you! ” Before Twinkle could consider it, Kunj replied “I’m not in any hurry, you know?” I’m going home anyway, you don’t have to take trouble.] He noticed that Twinkle and Yuvi gave him the same weird look again, but they quickly bid farewell to Yuvi and were leaving, Twinkle passed them from behind. did.

“Twinkle, you didn’t really have to take all this trouble to go to the market by yourself, although I love all of this!” Usha said that when Twinkle bought the gifts, they brought them out as they all gathered for dinner. “Wait. Do you mean alone, Ma? I went along too!” Kunj protested, leading Usha and Manohar to surprise her. “You did?” Usha asked, turning to Twinkle to make sure she gave him. Heard right. Kunj shook his head and looked at his meal. “Kunj agreed to come along?” Usha asked Twinkle again, keeping her voice low and Twinkle nodded again. “When I was almost with you. Pulled, so how come you never agreed to come, Kunj? “Usha complained and said,” It’s a good development though. I think Twinkle’s company is making you a much better person! “She then smiled looking at Twinkle, her eyes showing how proud she was to choose the perfect girl for Kunj, but Twinkle immediately looked away. Though Usha didn’t have enough of it. She later twinkled. Made a point of thanks to when the two were alone, as he attempted to let Kunj out and enjoy himself, but now failed miserably. However, Twinkle agreed That Kunj would have to restrain herself, but Usha’s talk made her wonder if Kunj wouldn’t have been with her to cry the previous night.

“When I get so excited about a project I hate it but something comes this way!” Kunj grumbled when Twinkle told him that Usha was expecting some guests and asked them to stay home the next day. “But we’ve just come home, how can we stay just like that?” He continued, as Twinkle smiled to himself as he speculated that it would be a week and half if he returned from Udaipur, but she would not remind him, as he was sure he would be offended. “You can work here, right?” Twinkle suggested instead, causing Kunj to look at him. “I’m only saying your home studio has been worthless for a while, after all.” He quickly defended himself, hoping that she wouldn’t be offended, but he turned to her and placed his hands on her shoulders and pondered. is appreciated. “You are genius! I wish you were here all the time!” He wept without realizing and Twinkle said smiling, without his mind echoing all the time. “Twinkle!” He said breaking his trance. The adjacent home studio was built. He was seeking help to lick her to prepare it for her session. She readily agreed, thinking that this was not the right time for her thoughts. She saw that his And Alisha’s picture was no longer with her guitar, but she decided to keep it to herself, because she didn’t know why and when she put it on.

Twinkle’s experience with Usha’s guests was better this time than before. She found that although they clearly belonged to wealthy families, they did not let her do so, which she felt would make her smile more often than she was allowed to. Kunj was telling her how they related to him when they heard the old lady speaking, “They looked so cute together! Kunj, now that you’re married, can we expect good news in a while Can? Twinkle and Kunj exchange a quick glance and look away from embarrassment while Usha manages to handle the situation with a twist of the subject. Twinkle later helps Usha put in crockery. When Usha asks her, “Are you alright? You look really tired.” Twinkle nodded to her, but Kunj explained, “I kept your daughter busy yesterday, Ma. That’s why! “He was innocent in his studio last night, referring to their joint efforts, but Usha adopted him just as she wanted.” Really? So can we really expect good news in a while? He asked, withdrawing his laughter while widening Twinkle’s eyes. Kunj kept the glass in his hand firmly on the table and angrily hit the stomach. Twinkle excused herself and followed her, closing her door to her room and briefly grabbing her. “Bower!” He started, but he was not in the mood to listen. “All these people have only one way of thinking, aren’t they? How annoying!” He staggered away and sat on the bed. “Kunj, every newlywed couple is treated in this way. Do they know that we are not a normal couple, that we are just good friends! “She explained, which made her question mark.” I’m sorry, aren’t we a normal couple? “He repeated, wondering what he meant.” Kunz, when two people get married, people agree They dream of a future together, raise and raise young children, to love each other forever. ”She said, as if she were telling him one of her dreams. “Right.” Kunj said, walking into his studio and closing the door, while Twinkle let out a deep sigh. They could never be a normal couple all he could think of.

Twinkle thought that this awkward conversation would ruin things between them, but she was pleasantly surprised when she was proven wrong.When Kunj stepped out of the studio, she was applying wind chime she had bought; Those days were postponed since they were continuously occupied. “need help?” His voice was soft as he stepped on the steps and looked towards him, a sudden intrusion into silence made him jump. He begged, asking him if he planned to jump off the ladder this time as if he had jumped from the stool one last time. He gave her an uninterrupted look, making her laugh. When she was satisfied with her work she cautiously descended and appreciated it. He then opened the window to let in the cold air, causing a happy tingle from the wind chime. He carelessly placed his hand on her shoulder and hummed a tune. “Is that a new song?” He asked excitedly, turning around her. He nodded equally enthusiastically and signed his acceptance. “People are going to love this!” He said and he smiled how even the smallest thing could make him happy; He definitely needed to know that he was, in fact, sure that he would eventually teach her, even if he asked her to.

Kunj then played and sang the guitar and at the same time insisted on someone else saying it before listening to the new song. “Am I not your best friend?” It was his last argument and it worked perfectly. He loved her so much when he heard her singing, it meant so much to him that he would never tell her, so he chose not to, at least not immediately. He was sure that someday he would be able to discuss everything openly, perhaps he would save it for that day. However, he had noticed that she always said that she was his best friend, not once he had described her as his best friend, and he reasoned about her friendship with Yuvraj to explain the reason for his uneasiness. Tried to use. Is Yuvraj his best friend? He asked himself and shook off the idea, thinking himself ridiculous to think on such seemingly trivial issues, but he could not completely dismiss. She was his best friend and he wanted to be her, and that was all she knew. Twinkle chopping his fingers in front of his eyes broke his train of thought. “Kunj, what are these thoughts that have held you together lately?” He asked curiously, and she absently said, “I’m not your best friend?” She begs him, pulling his cheek and before he gets up he goes to refill the water bottle, calling her ‘cute’ so that she doesn’t see his blush, making him cry at her stupidity.


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