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Vidya 24th April 2020 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Vidya 24th April 2020 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On

Vidya 24th April 2020 Written Episode Today Full Episode:

(The episode started with Vidya happily and was relieved to play with the children that she did well. Vidya leaves after winning the game. Avatara gives the DM money and asks her not to tell anyone about Vidya. The DM examined the envelope and found that it was money stolen from the school. Avatar gets worried.

Dharma scolds Vidya’s father and brother and they have an argument. Bablu tells them everything and Vidya’s family worries for her. Vidya comes to the temple and thanks God for helping her. She says the DM praised her for teaching children well. She finds Prem there and turns to leave. Prem tries to stop her but she does not listen.

On the other hand the DM says that he knows the number on the envelope and the bank manager always sends it to him. He asks how the money was found and makes fun of him for his honesty. He feels bad for blaming Nanku. Prem stops Vidya and her chakra falls down. She leaves the bicycle and runs away. Prem wants to settle the matter as soon as possible. At Vidya’s house, Vidya’s father tries to leave but Dharma stops her. He makes fun of her while waiting for the money but runs away due to the problem.

Vidya’s father says that it is found to him, who has got work and they ask it to deal with themselves. They hear the sirens of the police and hide immediately while Maa ji faints. However, the police have come to buy something from the shop and everyone is relieved. Vidya’s mother scolds him for greed for money and for not caring about Vidya. Vidya goes to Avtari’s house and Prem follows her. Why does he think he is there? Another man is watching them.

The DM asks Avatar to tell him otherwise he will inform Nanku about it. Vidya comes there and says that Prem is behind her about the envelope she stole from school and she is worried. Avtaar tries to signal him about DM but he doesn’t notice. The DM comes out and scolds them. Avatar says that he stole money to buy books and clothes for the children and he had already brought them. He agrees that RO pays more money and asks him to hide it from Nunku.

However, the DM refused, stating that he could not live with Nanku’s entire hostility, saying that he would not inform him. The same man is following her. Avatara tells Vidya not to worry and tells her to leave the house after the DM leaves. Vidya comes to take him a bicycle but Prem catches him. He asks what has happened there and asks him to reveal the truth. Vidya reveals that she has stolen money from the school which is of 1 million shocking love.)

PRECAP : Vidya written episode update Upcoming Episode : Prem reveals that his real name is Vivek Vardhan Singh and that he is Vidya’s shocking new place.

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