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Vidya 27th April 2020 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Vidya 27th April 2020 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On

Vidya 27th April 2020 Written Episode Today Full Episode:

The episode begins with Vidya telling Vivek to Avatar and family. She also tells Vivek about seeking help from her. Vivek tells his senior about Vidya. He says that he is an educated, talented and honest teacher. A man comes and greets her and Vivek scolds her for doing so in public. Avatar Vidya says that they cannot go against Nanku and asks him not to help Vivek. He asks her to go to school and teach. If not we will all be in jail and he is gone.

Vivek comes to meet Vidya and he sees her. Finds Ammaji and Kalindi on the road. He offers to give them a lift but Kalindi refuses. He says that he is the legislator of this place and it is his duty to help them. He tells them to get it. He asks where they want to go. Ammaji says that she is Nanku’s mother and she is his wife.

Avatar leaves them. Vivek wakes up Vidya and she screams. Vivek asks her not to shout at him. Vidya asks what she is doing there because if anyone sees them there it will be a problem. Vivek says what Avatara and DM were talking about. He says this is important because DM Sharma is missing and he suspects Nanku behind it. He asks her for help so that he can catch Nanku. Vidya remembers Avatar’s words.

Religion awoke. He finds Vivek’s shadow and considers him a thief. He shouts and runs to call the neighbors. He tells them about the thief. Vivek tries to run through the window but sees people coming and making noise. Dharma shouts Vidya and Parbatiya to open the door. Parbatiya openly asks what happened. He says about the thief inside the house. Vidya worries about people knowing about her.

Vivek tells him not to worry and tells him to open the door. Vidya does it and she hides behind the door immediately. People push Vidya but she catches him. He comes out when everyone is busy searching. He comes in and asks what happened. They say about the thief. Dharma asks Vidya if she has seen any thief but she nods in no. Bablu suspects Vivek and questions him but he convinces them.

Avner leaves Amma and Kalindi at home when Nanku sees her. He asks what he was doing with the DM in the house and says about his disappearance. Avantar remembers Nanku killing him. He says that he came to have tea. Nanku also asks about Vidya there. Avatara lies that she came to call him for worship.

Avatar takes his leave. Amma ji says that he is a boy and asks Nanku if they can talk with him for Raanjhanaa. The next day Vidya prays and decides to study before teaching the students. She leaves to go to the market with Amma and Vivek spots her.

PRECAP : Vidya written episode update Upcoming Episode : Vivek says he will catch Vidya with Nanku with evidence and she doesn’t need his help

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