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Vidya 28th April 2020 Written Episode Today Full Episode :

The episode begins with Avatara asking Mishra if it is possible to get Vidya out of her job. Mishra says it is difficult because it is a government job. He says he will look into it. Dharma asks Avatar to teach Vidya. Avtaar asks that he has no other work. He says that he is not a teacher of English.

When Vivek comes to meet the avatars, Vidya starts studying. The guards stop him and Vivek says that he wants to meet Avtari. The guard left to inform him. He says about Prem that he is waiting to meet her outside. Avatar thought that he is there to ask about Sharma. He tells her to say that he is busy and they cannot meet. The guard says the same. Vivek decides to meet Vidya.

Vidya is doing a pooja for children. She feeds the girls and washes their feet. Santosh calls Vidya but Vidya decides to go to the temple first. A man approaches Vivek and gives him the list. He checks Sharma’s call record and finds nothing enough to catch him. He says that the complaint filed by Sharma is also missing and he cannot do anything to prove Nanku guilty.

The man asks what he is going to do now. Vivek says that he should seek help from Vidya, but he was not listening to her since the time he came to know that he was the new MM. Avatar and Sharma also meet each other but Avtara is not ready to meet them.

Vivek finds Vidya praying in the temple and goes to her. Vivek asks why she has stolen money if she does not want to do well. Vidya says that she gave it t avatari to help the children. Avatars are distributed study materials to children. He thinks that he cannot name Vidya. Tiwari says that the students have spoken about Avatar’s help and they all appreciate him.

Avtaar congratulates the children and gives them books and stationery. He says that they will also get bags, uniforms and other stringers. He makes learning to deliver material. Vidya talks to Santosh, Tiwari and the Principal Government about getting the money again. She remembers Vivek’s words.

Vidya tells a woman about the government giving money to spend on children but Tiwari loots it. She is telling him not to tell that it belongs to the truth teller. The woman becomes enraged and assures Vidya that her name will not be revealed. She goes to the others and informs them of the same. They all run to Tiwari but he runs away and closes himself.

Nanku asks his mother about Panditji about Avtari. He asks for whom she says she likes Avatar for Raanjhanaa. Tiwari calls Nanku and says what happened. He gets shocked. Vivek finds people running towards school. Bang Tiwari’s door asks him to open it.

Vidya tells them not to behave violently in front of the children. But they say that the children need to see him beaten. They say let Nanku come and punish Tiwari but Vivek says why bother Nanku for this.

PRECAP : Vidya written episode update Upcoming Episode : Nanku comes to school. People get angry at Nanku. Vivek says that he told them everything. The police come there and say that they need to arrest the culprit.

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