Vidya 30th March 2020 Written Update Episode – Avatar Proposes Mehek on Multidesiupdates

Vidya 30th March 2020 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Vidya 30th March 2020 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On

The episode begins with the mother, who asks Avatar to ignore Mahak’s mistake if he loves her. She says look at Vivek and Vidya, they have always been together all the time, go and apologize to Mahek, I like her very much, she will be the daughter-in-law of this house, she will be celebrated, blessed. Avatar takes his blessing and departs. Bablu asks what about me. Religion says that your mother has changed her son, now Avatar is her son.

The man laughs and says that it is good, you quit the job of DM and open a drama company. He tells his men to kill them and throw them in the forest. The girl gets scared. Hooligans shoot guns at Vivek. Avtara comes to meet Mahek. Dharma and Bablu come together. Avtara is wearing a suit. Dharma feels that Avatar has threatened us to do so. Avtara asks him to call Mahek. Mahek asks who has come. She sees Avatar with a rose. She gets shocked.

The man says I will not raise my hand on the DM, I want this madam to slap him. Vidya looks at Vivek. She says that I will give my life, but I will not slap her. The man threatens to kill the girl. Vidya tells the girl not to worry, they do nothing. Gunday says that we will do nothing if DM slaps us. Vivek asks Vidya to slap him. Vidya says no, you are my husband, I cannot slap you, it is a sin. He says girl’s life is in danger, slap me she says no and cries. Then he you are always stubborn, you should have given them this girl, our life is in danger because you are not understanding. He signs Vidya and asks her to reply. She says no, I can’t do that, the goons will kill that girl, I can’t see it. Argument. The goons look confused. Vidya raises her hand. Vivek is slapped. She cries and feels bad. The man smiles. Vivek signed Vidya.

Smell laughed after seeing Avatar. Bablu plays a song. Avatar danced on Mai Jat Yamla_____play____Bablu and Dharma also dance. She laughs. Avatar says forgive me, I really love you so much, I smile at you and be sad if I don’t see you. She says that’s fine, but why does this clown look. He says that I am ready to be your servant for your happiness, but now I cannot live without you, it is complete and final. A man comes laughing and claps. He asks who is this clown, Mahek. He crushes the flower.

The man asks Vivek to take out his frustrations. Vivek says you are right. He pushes Vidya. She slaps the man and picks up the gun. Vivek gets a gun from her. He shoots a gun at the man and scolds him.

Vivek tells Vidya to go to his car and get his phone. He asks her to call the police. Vidya runs up to her car and calls the police.

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