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Vidya 4th May 2020 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Vidya 4th May 2020 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On

Vidya 4th May 2020 Written Episode Today Full Episode :

(The episode begins with Avtaar warning that Vidya should be careful about telling the outside world about their marriage. He tells her to leave. Vivek gestures him to leave. Avtaar, Vidya, and Parbatiya are discussing when Dharma asks what they were cooking in Vivek’s house.

Avtaar taunts him back. Dharma says that he is still the critical person of the house. Vidya says that first, they have to fulfill their duty to make themselves essential. Dharma says that she speaks with Vivek’s support, and Vidya agrees. She asks Vivek to surprise everyone and perform court marriage. Avtaar asks why he revealed it to her as the entire village will now come to know about it.

Vidya says that it did not happen. She says that if the villagers know the truth of her marriage, then the whole world comes to know about her illiteracy. If it is found out, they will also appear before Vivek, who created fake documents for him. Avtaar laughs and agrees, leaving.

Smelling at Vivek’s house loses Vivek and teases him for being lost in love. He says that he is thinking not about Vidya but her mother. He says that never in his life did he make any decision without his mother’s blessing, but for the first time, he made the critical decision of his life without his grace.

Mehak says she doesn’t understand him yet, and it will be fixed soon. Vivek gets Vidya’s call, and Mehak teases them. Vidya asks her to come home to talk, and she tells Mehak to take care of her mother. Mamta asks where he is going, and Mahek says that Vidya’s house. Mahek encounters some miscreants on his way who pass comments on him.

Avtaar comes to help her, but Mahek stops her and says that she will take care of him. He beats black and blue people, and they all run away. Avtaar fell in love with Mehak’s bold attitude.

Avtaar flirts with Mahek and confesses his love for her. She asks if Jia has gone mad. The smell is irritated more by his flirting and confession. She sees a dreamy Avtaar and mimics him for one among several people to propose.

Avtaar teases him, and Mahek is about to kill him, but Avtaar catches him. He goes crazy for her while the scent leaves her. Vivek comes home, and Dharma taunts him. Parbatia welcomes her with Aarti for the first time when she comes back after marriage. Parbatiya blesses her, and Vivek asks about Dharma to find out the truth.

Parbatiya tells him not to worry as Vidya says to him to keep his mouth shut about it. Dharma scolds her for leaving Vidya’s money. Parbatia tells them to work to earn. Vivek meets Vidya, who asks him to start teaching her from today. They both study together).

PRECAP : Vidya written episode update Upcoming Episode : Vidya has some doubts about the children.

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