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Vidya 6th May 2020 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Vidya 6th May 2020 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On

Vidya 6th May 2020 Written Episode Today Full Episode :

The episode starts with Avatar with Mahak. Smell scolds him a lot. He becomes unhappy. She says nothing will happen between us; I am not impressed with you; I am upset, forgive me. He says I genuinely love you; I did not apologize, if I have hurt you, forgive me. She sees him. He says that I do not come before you again. He goes. Vidya looks at the children and follows them. She is shocked to see some goons working the children. She gets angry and walks inside. She throws everything away. The man asks who you are, what your problem is. The man asks for a poster of a heroine. Another man shows the sign. The man says that there should be education, okay, which you will teach here. He tells children whose rights you are taking away. He says no, I want to give him a new life. She says that you are giving them work. She argues with him.

The man says that I respect educated women very much, go and do your work, let me do my job, don’t knock my nose, we have decided to send the children away. She says no child will go anywhere; I will stop you. He burns the poster and says that life is costly, our work is old, we have opened a new branch, if they do not start their work, then their parents, who took an advance from us, I return money from them, Will, they cannot return it, then they will go to jail. He scares the children and makes them work again. He asks Vidya to leave. Vidya escapes. Vivek is in school. Munni and her mother see her. Vivek says I am still posted in Azamgarh; I had some work here. Munni asks if you have studied here. The woman asks him to come home and have food, Munni is with him only because of Vidya and her. He says I will come next time.

Vidya goes to the parents of the children and scolds them for ruining the future of the children. The woman apologizes. She says that we did not wish to do this; we thought that the children would study and make their future. The man says that we did not sell them, we lost the crop, Munna Pandey gave us money to help and then he said that it is a loan, he worked the children, he said that he could send us to jail, How shall we fight him, so we are helpless in sending children. Vidya said that this is wrong, how can he force you, you can say that you will return it, he cannot force the children, why didn’t you tell me, I said Vivek, he is DM, That can be fixed. The woman says you forgive us; we cannot do anything, how will we return the money. Vidya thinks of finding some way.

PRECAP:Vidya written episode update Upcoming Episode : Vidya says that I cannot take the exam except children. She complains to the inspector and asks him to save the children. She goes to the police with Munna.

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