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Vidya 8th May 2020 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Vidya 8th May 2020 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On

Vidya 8th May 2020 Written Episode Today Full Episode:

(The episode begins with Vidya telling her the plan to call Noga and tell about Munna. She says we will catch Munna red-handed. The parents cry and force the children to leave. Vivek says that we have to find out when he is sending the children. She says that we need someone who can help us fool Munna. She looks at Dharma and Bablu. Bablu refused. Religion is visible. Avatar bribes him. Dharma agrees with her and asks Bablu to do the drama. Vivek says we have less time; you start your plan, I will arrange for back up. Vidya shakes her head.
Vidya meets the NGO officer. He gives information about Munna Pandey. She says that the NGO has to help the man with the children. The girl says that you have to meet Karuna Devi for this work. Pity appears. She goes to Karuna and tells Vidya about it. Karuna waits for Vidya. Avatara and Mahak wait for Vidya. Mahek says that I feel hungry due to stress. Avatar looked at his watch. Vidya remains for hours. She walks in and sees Karuna playing the game on her phone. Vidya says I am waiting to talk to you. Karuna says it’s okay, I was going to call you, tell me what a small matter. Vidya says that I have come to request. Karuna says that you are the principal of the school, and if honored, you could have waited for me. Vidya says that the matter is small, so I have come to ask for help. Karuna asks what has happened to the children. Vidya says that Munna is sending children to the city. Karuna says that the matter of child labor, go to the police.

Vidya says that she has authority over education. Pity says yes, but they should aspire to study, go and save children, I know my work, your picture on it, not mine. Vidya scolds him. She says that I will do anything to protect the children. Munna takes the children to cities. Vidya comes there and prevents a man from beating a child. She asks the children what happened, did anyone beat them. She argues with Munna. She says that you are helping everyone, so I have come to get your help, work for a child in our house. She calls Bablu and Dharma. Munna looks at him. Dharam praises Bablu and says that he can do anything wrong, he also knows driving. Vidya says that you have to send their salary to my account. Munna is right, but I doubt you are trying to trap me. The man examines Bablu and Dharma. The man asks Bablu to take off the shoes. Bablu removes shoes. Worry about learning.

Everyone finds the shoe smelly. The man checks and says nothing. Dharma says that your pump has a GPS chip. Bablu says that I know that you are not true to anyone. Munna says that it will be distributed to children today. Vidya smiled).

PRECAP:Vidya written episode update Upcoming Episode : Munna asks her man to inject the children and put them to sleep. Vidya shouts to the children. She tries to save the children.

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