Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahima Kills Gautam?

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Vasudha asks GPS what Rudra is doing here. Sharda says that she called Rudra to take her and Saranash. Sharan takes Rudra and Preisha into the room. Rudra says that he will not come with Preisha. Sharan asks Rudra to come with him. Rudra says that if you say so it is okay because I cannot stand Preisha for another Gautam. He opens the door to find no one. The second time the doorbell rings, this time the delivery boy who came to order the pizza. Gautham eats his pizza while Mahima appears in his room. She asks him if he is done so that he can kill him.
Mahima tells Gautam that he has kept a tracker in his pocket. Gautam prays for his life and does not swear to help Preisha again. Mahima tells her that he has signed her death warrant against her and says that she even regrets killing her because she is a threat to him.

Mahima tells Gautam to get ready to die and pulls the trigger of the gun. Gautam shouts in fear but is safe as the gun has no bullets. Mahima says that the first round was empty but the second one may take a bullet and she again pulls the trigger. Gautam is safe once again but he begs for his life and asks Mahima not to kill him and let him go.
At home, Saran cries and says that he wants his family back. Preisha tries to console her and says that a game is going on and we have to play as long as they are playing. Saranash agrees but says he is scared without Preisha. Rudra tries to console Saranash and says that he is with her. Both Rudra and Preisha try to hug her but Saranash cries in pain.

Preisha asks what had happened, Saran looks at Mahima’s picture and remembers it that she will not tell anyone or she will kill Preisha and Rudra. Saranash gets up quickly and leaves. Preisha realizes that Saresh is lying and thinks why she would lie to him.

Mahima pulls the trigger four times in a row and laughs saying how lucky you are Gautam. Go ahead and live your life. Gautam panics and asks if he can leave. That’s when he feels something and falls to the floor. Mahima tells her that the gun was a gimmick to distract her and that she would die due to the poison in her pizza.
Flashback: Mahima stops the delivery boy and asks who is this pizza for. Meanwhile, a hired punk grabs the delivery boy from behind and takes off his uniform. Mahima adds poison to the pizza and goes inside the warehouse.
Gautam is choking on the poison and tries to grab a glass of water. Mahima threw the glass and said sorry Pritha you failed in your plan. He tells his goons to come in and get rid of the body.
The next morning Preeta and Rudra go to the godown to see Gautam but he is nowhere to be found. Both are surprised. Rudra calls the airport and tries to find out if he has an aircraft limit. He is told that Gautam never boarded the flight. Preisha tries to confirm her presence in Mumbai but in vain. Preeta decides to tell Mahima about Gautam.
Mahima talks to Sharda and says that we will celebrate Lohri. Sarvesh asks what is Lohri, Sharada explains to him that they burn the bonfire and celebrate it around the end of winter.
Preisha arrives and asks Saran what they are planning to celebrate. Lohri answers Saranash and asks him to join as well. Sharada says that if you want asylum.
Preisha agrees and goes to her room with Mahima. She closes the door and asks about Gautam. Mahima says that she has left Gautam with him, how will she know.
Preisha says that he hid Gautam somewhere and now he is missing. She says that she is sure that Mahima must have done something, she asks again where she is. Mahima says that he has sent her up, not from above. She admits that he killed her but then pretends like she is joking. Preisha warns him to tell the truth.
Mahima asks Preisha to leave as she has to prepare to celebrate Lohri.
Precap: Preisha tells Rudra that he can confess to Mahima with the help of these pills. Preisha puts medicine in Kheer and Mahima eats it. Preisha and Rudra take Mahima to a different place where they make her confess her crime. Mahima confesses everything and Rudra registers confession on her phone. He tells Mahima that he now has video footage and will uncover it.

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