Yeh Hai Chahatein Written 16th March 2020 Written Episode Update:

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written This episode starts with Roderickshaw and Prisha. They try to get a whole tub of ice cream. Suresh said both of you are winners. Prisha told him to sleep. Suresh says I will sleep here. Rudraksha asks that she sleep here too, well, sleeps well, I don’t like to fall off the bed, I will sleep on the sofa. Suresh asked, do you sleep on the sofa? Rukh Rakha asked, Do I have any options? he sleeps. Suresh and Prisha turned to AC and fell asleep.Yeh Hai Chahatein Written

Roderickshaw looks good. He gets up and looks at AC. He says he has 16 temperatures, Prisha’s house will not have AC, she first fed me ice cream and now they are freezing me. He looks for an AC remote. Prisha got up and asked what happened, you are from a rich family, you are feeling cold. He says no, I was thinking for both of you. He goes and feels cold again. He says you have stolen my blanket and slept well, I too will sleep here. He also comes under the blanket. Prisha asked, do you feel cold? He says no, I came to find my phone. She says you can sleep here if you want, we are from a poor family, but we can do charity. He asks will you donate to my house? He goes to the sofa and covers himself with cushions. They say that if it were not Rajiv’s last wish I would have driven them out. He opens the door. She asks what happened, do you have a cold? He says yes, you snatched my room, bed and blanket, keep it. he goes. He smiled. The headman woke up and asked: Have you changed the temperature? She says don’t sleep.

In the morning Prisha goes to the washroom. Taps out Suresh asked what is going on, I will call Rudder. She tells him to get something to fix it. He gets a dumbbell. She says it won’t help. He gets brief information about the surgery. Prisha asks why did you get this? Suresh says I have to go to the washroom. he goes. She tries to fix the snow. Roder comes up and asks what are you doing with my underwear? Come on, I’ll fix it. He goes and gets a sponsor. She says I can fix it, take my underwear. She tries to fix the faucet. He told her to fix it and show it. She gives him a sponsor. It’s a matter of love… ..Please…. They argue. She says you helped me fix it. He says I fixed it. She says thank you for the help. he goes.

Nikon came to Aisha and Mishka. He thought…. Sighing and saying, “What are you doing here?” Musk got up He says surprise for you too. Mushka asked, is it really you? He says you guys don’t hug me. Mishka hugged her. Ahna says you don’t make such surprises, sorry. She hugs him. He says it’s my fault, I know how to fix mistakes, this diamond necklace is for you. Thanks, Ahana said her good word. He showed a necklace for Mashka. He says sorry, I was busy and could not go to your marriage, I thought that Rajiv would take over this business, sorry, now I can not even, Rodrishna is now my son-in-law, he will take over the business.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Ahana asks whom do you meet when you arrive? They say that at night Rudraksh, Bilaraj, Prisha and Suresh met me. Ahna thinks she did not tell her father the truth, now my father will remove Prisha and her son. Suresh says wow, mama fixes the tap, she is such a strong, super woman. Roderickshaw is watching. Prisha says don’t worry I’ll tell her. He gets his message. He writes … You didn’t tell the truth when you had to, didn’t need to speak the truth from the tunnel and he had to break his heart, you taught him that the child did not need his father, he told me, You have Rajiv broken his heart and killed him, at least to keep him happy. She asks what it is all about, why you are messaging, you cannot talk. Roderick number she asks him to. She is unable to speak. She asks what happened to your voice? Those messages…. You both fed me ice cream and went to sleep in the AC. Thankfully, only my voice, I did not go. Prisha laughed. Ahna and Mishka started crying. Nikon asked what happened? They say you were not with us when we needed them. He asks what happened, tell me. Ahna says that Rudraksh is not your son-in-law, he was not married to Mishka. Mishka says she was married to Prisha.

Ahna says Prisha is Rajiv’s killer. She is surprised Ahna says that Rudrashik married her in jail, poor Mishka Mandap has come, is going away and Prisha stopped the marriage. Mishka says Prisha is here and it hurts me, I want to commit suicide. Do not say that your father was not with us. “Look what daddy does now,” says Mishka. He asks how can Rudraksh do this, I asked him about Prisha, he told me nothing, neither did Balaraj. Ahna says she values ​​our values ​

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written

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