Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th March 2020 Written Episode Update:

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th March 2020 Written Episode Update:

The episode starts with Prisha saying that I did this for your betterment, relax, I don’t want to be bad for you, it’s the difference between you and me, save your voice for yourself, can you Thank you, you are welcome. Rudraksha sees and says to fulfill my last wish, suffocate me, then I will speak on her behalf. Balraj shouted at Sharda. Prisha looks She wonders why he is lying, he was in the cafe with Natasha, he was not in the office. Ahana and Mishka arrive. Ahana says that we are going to a charity function. Mishka asks what. Ahana stops her and says that they have organized dinner, we have to be there, sorry, bye. They go

Alraj comes to his room. Sharada asks what you will have. He says I am not a child, I can take care of myself, you are my wife just for the name, I married you so that you take care of my children, stay within your limits, try to be my wife Do not, I detest. He cries and leaves. Sarvesh gets up and looks for Prisha. Sharada goes to eat and weeps. Prisha stops him. Sharan calls out to Pritha. Prisha tells Sharda to stop eating and stop crying. She says you don’t have to be vulnerable and punish yourself. He hugs Sharda. Someone is seen. Someone pushes Saranash and runs away. he shouts. Prisha and Rudraksha arrive. They ask what happened, how did you fall. Saransh says that aunt pushed me and ran away like that, I was scared. Prisha consoles him. Sarnash shouts. Prisha says she is very hurt, I have to take her to the hospital. Rudraksha says she is fine, look at me, there is some swelling. Ahana and Mishka come and say what a drama this is. Ahana says that I cannot do this nonsense. Niketan asks have you come now? Ahana asks what happened. Niketan says nothing, go to your room. Balraj asks Rudraksha to take refuge in his room. Niketan offers help and departs.

Sharda asks the servant to bring ice for Saranash. Prisha says that Saranash is very hurt. Rudraksha says do not scare the child. Sharada says he will be fine, don’t worry. Sarsangh is taken care of in Rudraksha. She goes to Sharda. Prisha tells Sarnash to sleep. Sarsangh comes to Rudra and asks him to sleep. Rudraksha makes her sleep and hugs him. This is Chaiten… play

Rudraksha feels that I have only Saransh in place of Rajiv, I will love him very much and will not let him miss you. Prisha sleeps. She wakes up after some time and sees Sharan. She thinks she is sleeping with Rudraksh, why I am jealous, Saran is happy and fine, who knocks down Saresh, which she saw in red saree, Ahana and Misha were not at home, Sharda with me. Thi, if it happens again, I’ll have to find out. Gopal says what shall I say about money. He worries. Vasu asks what is going on, has anything happened to Prisha. He says I am thinking something else, why does this happen to us. He lies to her. She says that I was very stressed.

He thinks who knew I was going to get money. Yuvraj’s call comes. he wakes up. he gets angry. He says that Gopal insulted me, I got money, I will use it properly, you will lose your respect. He laughs Prisha wakes up and sees Sharan. Niketan arrives and snacks for Saranash. He asks if he had a good night’s sleep. She says yes, Rudraksha took care of her. He says that the father can meet the needs of the child, Rudraksha is taking care of them. She says that Rudraksh is not her father. He says that I know, I can see Rudraksha’s love for summary, did you know who did it. Prisha says, some woman in red saree do not know. He says we have to be cautious, don’t worry.

Rudraksh asks Ahana to meet someone. Ahana says it can be Saransh. Saransh sees the red saree woman and catches her. He gets locked in some room. Natasha asks did anyone see you coming here. Balraj says no. Prisha sees Balraj with Natasha. Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th March 2020 Written Episode Update:

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