Yeh Hai Chahatein 23th March 2020 Written Episode Update:

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23th March 2020 Written Episode Update:

The beginning of the episode asks the society man Gopal. Vasu asked. The men ask for one lakh from Gopal. Vasu asks which one million. The man states that he has withdrawn the money and its disappearance. Gopal says that the money was stolen, we will get the money soon, I have lodged a complaint with the police, I thought I would tell you after the right time. The man says it’s good for you and if we get the money. They go. Vasu says that you did not tell me. She says that you are already worried for Prisha. She says we will not tolerate it more. He tells her not to worry so much. He says that you only say that time is never the same, just courage.

Niketan tells Rudraksha and Prisha to go to worship. Sharda also tells them to start Pooja, their first Holi. Rudraksha and Pratishtha perform Dahan Puja with Holika Saravanan. They pray. They aspire to be far from each other. Saransh sees them and prays that they are always happy and united. He asks if you will fight even in prayer, I want this, let the three of us be together, any problem. Sarsangh goes to the washroom. He looks at the educated woman and goes to see. Prisha says that I will go and see. he stops.

Sharanesh shouts for help. Prisha asks where are you? She goes and opens the lock. He hugs her. He says that the aunt with red saree locked me here, I am scared. She says that I will always go with you. She sees Balraj and Natasha leaving. Rudraksha comes. Prisha wonders why Balraj was in the room with Natasha alone, how can he do this. Sharan hugs Rudraksha and says that someone has locked me here. Rudraksha shouts at the servants. Prisha says don’t get so angry, Saransh is already scared. Sarnesh says aunt in red saree….

Rudraksha asks who it is. Prisha says that Saran will celebrate her on Holi. Rudraksh and Prisha take Sharan with them. Prisha feels that maybe I am mistaking Balraj, I will have to keep an eye on him. Ahana and Mishka are in the pub. Ahana says that Sharda is very dear to Prisha. she gets angry. She says that I did not give any entry to Sarnash. Yuvraj meets a judge in the pub. He says that I have come to say that my defamation is a conspiracy against me. The man asks if the matter is there. Yuvraj says that Gopal has done this, he will be my father-in-law, he threatens me that Prisha should come out of jail, I am honest, he saved Prisha and took away the post of my judge. He bribes the man. Misha showed Yuvraj to Ahana. The man scolds the crown prince. He says that I have heard a lot about Gopal, he is an honest man, better lost, otherwise I will call the police. Yuvraj was thrown. he shouts. Ahana thinks what is happening.

Prisha asks Gopal to come for Holi. Ahana calls Yuvraj and seeks legal advice. She says wait and see what will happen on Holi.

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