Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd March 2020 Written Episode Update: : Trisha recalls a witness

The incident started with Trisha saying that you had to leave the house because of me and move on from Carole, I think Bhabima did okay. Naira asked how do you know? Trisha says I’ve heard everything. Karthik says sorry. Trisha says I’m sorry. Naira says no, we cannot give up. Trisha says how we will prove it. Naira says there will be something, if I leave the war midway, it will get worse, we will fight until there is no solution. Karthik says he’s fine, we know Kiev, he’ll be fine. Daddy comes to Guy. She says that I have added indigestion to it, it will calm your heart, it is not right to think about it, there is nothing I can do in this matter, I will try to help your baby. Will have no effect. Gyu smiles and says that I can’t believe Tai Ji said that. He got Guru Ji’s phone and said that Taiji left his phone here. She goes to give the phone.

Daddy says Gio used to cry in front of Bhabhima, so we got a call, we were done. Looking at Gio and saying that they put pressure on me for that, I am stupid to come to them, I did wrong with Karthik and Naira. Daddy says I don’t like living without Kartik. Manish says yes, but Liv and Kosh are also sons of the family, they made a big mistake, but we cannot let them punish. Shivani asked Trisha to try and remember everything again. Naira says I know you repeated it many times, think again, maybe we can get some help.

Jhauri says I will not leave her in court, Shivani will know that Guru is a Guru and a student, do not worry, your father is a lawyer, the case will be closed. Abhishek shook his head and hugged him. He says you are the best father. Says Jhauri and also the best lawyer in the world. Trisha explained everything again. Naira asked: Did anyone see you? Karthik asked him to remember. Trisha says it was a holiday, no traffic, I don’t know where they took me. She remembers running away from Laio and Kush. She hit the balloon seller. Leo, Kush and Abhishek follow it. They hit the man. Balloons flew by. The man asks them for money. Trisha says I’ve got time to run. We can testify to the seller of this balloon, Shivani says. Trisha asks where we will meet her. Karthik asks how do we know. Naira says Trisha will be remembered even more. Trisha says no, it was tall, thick and worn glasses. We can find more clues, ”says Karthik. Sirika brought it and fed Kush with food. Manish says case will be resolved at next hearing, don’t worry. Karthik and Naira ask people about the balloon seller. They see the balloon seller and ask the fat guy who sells balloons, he wears glasses. The guy says he’s a crook, he gets angry at the little things, you can meet him tomorrow. We have an urgent job, ”says Karthik. This person says I have no contact details, you can find it here. If we do not find him, the case will be cleared tomorrow, ”said Karthik. Naira says we cannot defeat this case. The figure comes up and asks if you’ve got a balloon seller? Naira says no. The map says think something. “We will give our contact number here and ask them to let us know if they know anything,” said Naira. The map says we will find the information, otherwise I will come here and find it. Naira says the hearing is at 10 am. The map says I know.

Giovanni shows Carrick and Kartik asleep. She says I’ll go now, if anyone sees me .. Naira said, yes, thank you. Karthik hugs Naira. They cry They say we will see what happens. Everyone in Goenka’s house is upset. Drinks jerky. Shivani makes notes. That morning, Karthik and Naira go to Trisha for justice. Pray. Naksh called Naira and said if I find anything I will inform you. He comes to court and meets Shivani. “We may know something,” says Naira. Jewelers take plants and say they are friendly gifts, okay, you go get them. He has asked Shivani to fight with confidence and not to defect his legal name. He asks Kartik to take the plant. He expresses good wishes. They say the case will end today. Naira asked when you would become a judge, you are giving a decision here. Javier said with a laugh, “I have experience and I can say it well, this is the first and last case of Lioness, everyone should have the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.” Karthik says maybe this is your last case, who knows if someone is hiring you again. Javier goes.

Shivani thanked them. Naira has told her not to lose her confidence. Shivani told the balloon seller. The map tries to find it. Naira says our family stands against us. “Yes, I know, Jawahar also wants the case to be settled soon,” Karthik says. “Our reasons are different,” says Naira. Shivani asked the balloon seller if he could produce witnesses on time. Karthik says I’ll call the map and find out. The map saw balloon sellers and screams. He runs after him. Shivani says only 5 minutes left, we have to go in. The map stops and looks at the person. Everybody goes in. Naksh called Karthik and said that I did not find the man, I am not able to find him, I will keep trying. Shivani says we have to go in. The map says, put the phone in silent mode, I will call you. Kartak and Naira wish Shivani best wishes. Shivani thanked them and said that I would do my best. Kartik and Naira prayed.

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