Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written episode 20th march 2020 . Star Plus TV Indian Drama Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai . Star Plus TV Indian Drama Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written episode

The episode begins with Ram explaining all the relationships. He hugs Naira and leaves. Naira says how can this happen, someone’s child, no, that’s wrong. Gayu asks Helper to make a cake for the offspring. Samarth says put less sugar. Gayu asks why not, you want to stop him from eating, you think he is fat, you think your child will be harmed, am I not the mother of the child. Samarth says that I have checked the cavity of the teeth of the forest, I have told this to them, when I take care of you, you feel that I am against the seed, when I take care of it, you I can’t seem to see him happy, because I am his stepfather, will I stop eating a child, you have made me a villain in everyone’s eyes.

Karthik says that today everyone wanted pizza. He asks Kairav ​​and Vansh to wash their hands. Manish says that we thought about giving Naira a present. Karthik asks what. Suwarna says that Manish bought the farmhouse. Manish says I think Naira would like it. Naira remembers Ram’s words. Naira comes home. Karthik asks what happened, are you okay, what was the work, tell me. She says no, Rama has called. He remembers the words of Rama. He asks what happened to Rama. She says no, nothing is alright, how can anyone do that, snatching someone’s child, Rama knows this and tells them that it won’t happen. Karthik asked whose child it is. Naira says that Vivaan’s father is ill, his mother asks him to give him the forest, as Gayu’s baby is coming. Karthik gets angry. Naira and Karthik talk about it. Karthik says that you are right, Vivaan’s family cannot have children. Naira says that we did not tell this to Gayu or anyone. Is able to see. He approaches them. He says don’t worry, there is no one here, let me handle the issue, I will also talk to Ram and Vivaan’s parents. Naira asks what will you tell them. Samarth says that we will manage, give me some time, I will talk to Gayu when she feels better. Samarth does not ask them to think too much, it is not their fault. He says go and relax, leave this responsibility to me. He goes. Karthik and Naira pray for Gayu.
Samarth sees Gayu. He says just forget whatever happened, spend more time with Vansh. Gayu smiles. Servant gets a parcel for Dadi. Dadi says maybe its some organic thing. Dadi smiles seeing the happy birthday greeting. She says I forgot its my birthday, did everything forget it, its my first birthday with Kairav this year. Kartik and Naira see Samarth taking care of Gayu. Naira says maybe Samarth didn’t tell Gayu. Kartik says we have to start preparing for Dadi’s birthday. Naira nods. Kartik asks how shall we celebrate. Manish asks what will we do, we just wish her, we will do something special, the day will be just for her. Kartik and Naira think. Naira says we will take her blessing, wish her, and then not talk about the birthday all day then we will surprise her. Manish jokes. They all check for places. Kartik says if we take Dadi outside, she will understand there is something. Manish says we will take her to the hotel, she is my mum, cake will be of my choice. Kairav says my cake, my choice. Manish says you don’t know her likes. Kairav says I will ask her, not directly. Manish and Kairav argue. Kartik says guys, we can discuss about party. Naira says don’t fight. Kartik says this party is a surprise for Dadi. Naira says I will tell mum and Dadi. Kairav says I will decide things. Kairav and Vansh say we will make return gifts cards. They go. Kartik and Naira feel happy.

They get tired and rest. He says you are adamant and have to do everything today. Naira says yes, Naksh, Kirti and Krish are coming. She says there is much security at airports. Naira says its good. He asks did you explain the kids about hygiene. Naira says yes. She massages his head. He holds her hand. They romance. She says look at this, one of our old memory. They see their sweet memories. Naira says thanks for everything. He asks how shall I thank you, since you came in my life, you completed me, I love you. She asks him to wake up soon. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani make the laddoos for Kirti and Krish. They say we are happy to know of their coming, when they come here, I will be so glad. Devyaani gets Naksh’s call. Naksh says flight got cancelled, its because of the virus. Bhabhimaa says then come by other flight. He says the virus is spreading fast, I can’t say when will we come, take care. Devyaani asks him to take care.

Kartik and Naira are on calls. Kartik says we will plan things after virus problem ends. Naira says its looking bad to refuse to them. Kairav and Vansh come. Kairav asks why aren’t we going. Naira says we aren’t going. Kairav says we won’t lose, we will keep trying. He goes. Naira says he is right, we found an easy solution, we didn’t think of anything else, we can’t have a big gathering, but we can still plan something.
Grandma worships. Everyone welcomes him. Dadi blessed him to be happy. Manish says that we wish you a happy birthday, we have to go to office, have a lot of work, take care of mother.Suwarna says Surekha and I have to go for havan. Naira says that I will accompany Gayu for her appointment. Everyone is busy, says Karthik good. Grandma says that everyone is busy on my birthday, will I be alone? Kairavat asks are you sad. She says no, I am happy. She laughs. Naira says we will have breakfast. Grandma asks what have you made. Naira says the same thing every day. They go. Bhabhimaa cries and is afraid of the virus. Devayani pacified him. She thinks of calling Naira for sister-in-law. She says no, I think she will get worried, she will prepare for grandma’s birthday. Karthik tells Rakesh that hurry up, he has to check now. Naira asks if the investigation. Karthik says that there is a new customer, we have to find out all the details for clarity. Naira says yes, that’s right, I came to say that Dad is arranging cakes for grandma, we have to start the decoration work. She goes. Karthik says that I will tell you after confirming about our daughter.

Naira asks Keravat and clan to go to school. They say we want to stay at home. Manish and Karthik arrive. Karthik tells him to leave the children to school. Manish definitely says. Karthik says that I will go for my work. Manish asks them to wear masks. Naira tells him not to put his hands anywhere and wash his hands often. The children are with Manish. Naira asks if you have spoken to Samarth. Samarth says, not now, its Tai Ji’s birthday, I’ll talk later, don’t worry. Suwarna and Surekha tell the grandmother about the cleaning. Grandma smiles and asks if anyone is coming here. Surekha says yes, Naira has gone with Gayu. Grandma feels that nobody remembers my birthday. Sister-in-law cried again after seeing the news of the virus. Manish finds the children at the party venue. Karthik asks what happened. Manish says that the schools are closed. Naira says due to the corona virus. Manish says that government offices, malls and everything is closed, there are many cases, it is also our responsibility. Karthik says, well, its big outbreak, no right to gather crowd, call Akhilesh back. Surekha says, this has not happened to me.

Samarth says that anything can happen to us. Manish says that we have to be alert and responsible. Suwarna a says that we have to keep a safe distance from others. Grandma arrives. They tell him about the virus. Surekha asks if the party is canceled now? Suwarna says yes. Surekha says, good, grandma doesn’t know about it. Suwarna says that the children will be upset. Manish says that we cannot bake cakes ourselves. Naira says that we can make it pudding cake or custard cake. Manish asks why not the normal cake. She says we do not have all the materials, we will not bother. Manish says yes we can try different things. She says that we can find happiness in limited resources, Karthik and I will manage it. Manish says, I will clean my hands. Karthik gets Rakesh’s message … If I get any news, I will inform you about my daughter.

Rakesh calls Karthik and says that I have found your daughter. Karthik says that I am coming to meet my daughter.

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