Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written episode 25th march 2020 : Moments of Kartik and Naira

The episode begins with the arrival of Naira’s Kartik. She says I got these things at home. Kartik says wow, you had these wrapping papers. Naira says no, I got it. He says like you have a solution to every problem. She says we are enjoying party planning. They say it’s on Grandma’s birthday. He says that we do not do this in the normal situation. She says we will find something positive in a negative way, we can spend more time, we can work pending, eliminate complaints. He says then finish my complaint. She asks what? She wears a mask and says that social distance is necessary. He says I know.

Samarth called the doctor and said, “I would like to ask if there is any caution if the virus is harmful for pregnant women, thank you. The cow is watching. They say just refrain from going out and taking care of hygiene. She says don’t worry, I have the same fear, I am worried for Bhabhimaa and Devyaani. Samarth does not tell her to be upset. Winsh comes in and says we’re bored. Samarth says you came from outside. Vansh says Naira gave me sanitizer, he gave Kairav and gave me a bath. Daddy asked Surekha to make a list of things. “We will keep double stocks,” said Surekha. Naira tells her to just get what she needs. We have it to suit our needs, think about people who don’t take things, get whatever they want, ”says Kartik. Grandma said yes, they are fine. Surekha says that I will change the order.

Bhabhimaa cries a lot. Devyaani comforted her. Samar comes. He says that I have come to see you, I cannot find the cow in this state. Devyaani asked him to explain the Bhabhimaa. Samarth says you should not worry. “I can’t see the map anymore, he can’t go home,” says Bhabhimaa. Samarth says and I am Kartik, if the image is not here, nothing will happen to you. There will be no more sickness. Arrangements do each. What made this relationship… the game…. Samarth hugged the cow. Manish pauses to romance Suwarna. She runs

Kairav says the birthday girl has arrived. Surekha asked what would we do? Vansh says we will manage. He goes to the grandmother and says that there is a mango tree in the pot. Daddy asks how, I won’t go out. Kairav took him away. Devyaani says Kirti has sent a good message, you should always explain to us, we should not think wrong, good will happen if we think well, we should end bad thoughts. Naira gets up and says that I can’t fix this fork. She says why I’m disappointed, the cleanup star is also useless. Kartik came to see if he was ready. He looks at her and smiles. Look… .the game…. They have a moment.

Kartik’s phone came. The man says I have found your daughter. Kartik was shocked. Everyone is dancing happily. Kartik watched. He says I’m going to my daughter’s wine.

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