Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update : The battle of Abir and Mishti’s intensifies

The episode begins with Kuhu calling Jasmeet and telling about Mishti. She says that I have told Mishti that she is happy with Kunal’s hard-earned money. Jasmeet says that it is cheap since childhood. Varsha asks that Jasmeet is upset with Meenakshi. Jasmeet says that Mishti has done this, he tells Abir that Parul gets his rights, which gives him praise, Kuhu gets caught in the matter. Abir comes to Mishti and says that we should talk. Mishti says that I have decided not to accompany you. He says look at me, I am not a kuhu. She says that if you come to accuse me like Kuhu, I don’t need to explain anything. He says that I trust you, but you have spoken to Mummy. She says that Kuhu’s day does not start without fighting with me. Kuhu says I told everything to Mishti and not to Abir. Kunal says husband and wife are one unit, I am leaving, I will not tell you anything.

Abir asks if I will let Kunal go. Mishti says that Kuhu always taunts me, do you think we should stop it completely? He says that these quarrels have to be stopped. She says that if you stopped her after eating the pills, she would not fight again. He says I don’t want to fight, you are mature. She asks that regarding Kuhu’s immature things, maturing has become a punishment. He asks why you sound like a mummy, you want to prove Kuhu wrong, whatever mummy breaks the family, I feel like I’m talking to mummy. She says that I think you are right. He tells her to trust him. She says that you also trust her, we should stop Kuhu otherwise she can create misunderstanding between Kunal and you. He says that it cannot happen, our bond is not messed up. She says that I did not come home. He says but I will go, because my brother is leaving. She says ok you don’t need a mess girl like me

Jasmeet says that Kuhu said that Meenakshi is very upset, I was getting to know if Kuhu got stuck. Nidhi says I will call Kunal. She answers Jasmeet’s call. Meenakshi says no, leave me alone. Nidhi says sorry, you scolded Parul well, you always tell the truth, she eats your hardwork fruits for free, Kunal has done wrong, he could have asked you and gone. Meenakshi asks are you done, send Kunal to me when he comes, you can go now. Jasmeet and Varsha heard this. Varsha says I want to talk to Kunal. Kuhu says, I am worried for you. Kunal says I like to manage my company, no one has forced me. Kuhu says they can come with us, okay. He says that Abir has done a lot for me, he loves me very much, I do not want to test his love and care, I already did a foolish thing, when I let him choose between me and Mishti If asked, do not say again, she is also newly married, let her be back. Abir says I am coming. Kunal asks where is Mishti. Abir says that she is staying here of her own wish, come. They sit in the car. Mishti arrives and asks the watchman about the car. The guard says that yes, three people are still left, the tall man ran away from the car. She becomes depressed.

If the eyes are not there… .Pill… Abir sad drive. Kunal and Kuhu look at him. Mishti calls him and cries. Abir stops the car and goes to the tea shop. He sees a couple there. He brings a water bottle and washes his face. Kunal goes after Abir. Abir takes a photo of the couple. Kuhu says that Mishti is Aham Rani, I am sorry on her part, I know she should not have stayed at the resort and called Mummy, I will go back and talk to her. Abir asks what will you talk to him. Kuhu is right, she never accepts her mistake. He asks if you accept your mistake. Kuhu asks what I did. Kunal says that Mishti calls Ketaki and talks to Mummy, she wants to let her know you too. Abir says that we have done this to bring you and Mishti together, fun means insulting Mishti, forgive me Kuhu. He goes. Kunal says that I will talk to Abir, just stay here. She asks if you believe my mistake.

Rajshree asks Mishti are you happy? Mishti says that everything is together, I am happy. Rajshree says that I feel like you were crying a lot and then saying that you are happy, as the heroine in the film told her father, why are you lying to me, where is Abir, tell me, what You fought him. Kunal approaches Abir. Kunal says, it does not suit you, end the talk and end it, do you realize it, I am giving you knowledge, like I am your abir and you are my nanako. Abir says yes, I spoke badly to Kuhu. Kunal says, well, Kuhu angrily said wrong things, sorry, we don’t discuss who goes to office, we love each other, Mishti loves you, she doesn’t hear anything against you Can, go and bring it back. Abir smiles and walks off.

Rajshree says it is good, fights are good. Mishti says that Abir and Kunal are good together, Kuhu and I are different, we are having fights. Rajshree says that you and Abir make quarrels a way to strengthen your love, you must be very angry and Abir must have tried to calm you down, you should listen to everyone in anger, you should not talk much in anger Should do, should not sit alone, go to Abir, talk to him, listen to each other. Mishti agrees. She calls Abir and turns off the phone. Abir calls Mishti from the PCO. Mishti says I hate you, you have switched off the phone.

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